Ground-to-Sky Right of Way Initiative

As a cooperative, Habersham EMC strives to serve members’ needs by keeping electrical rates as low as possible and operating in the best interest of all members.

To further ensure reliable service to our members, HEMC cut 350 miles of right of way easements along primary overhead lines in 2018. This is one measure that will be taken by HEMC to promote improved reliability to our membership.

By implementing a ground-to-sky initiative, limbs overhanging the primary lines will be removed to increase reliability. This means that HEMC’s 30 foot easement for primary lines will be clear from the ground to the sky.

Service lines that run to individual homes or businesses will be trimmed back to remove limbs near the service lines.

These proactive steps will put HEMC on a five year right of way maintenance cycle and reduce controllable expenses over time.

Areas Affected

View Right of Way Initiative Larger Map (Searchable PDF)

Areas planned for 2020

  • North Habersham
    • Henry Pittman Rd
  • North Habersham & Rabun
    • Rt. 197
  • Rabun
    • Bridge Creek Rd
    • Cherokee Rd
    • Wildflower Trail
    • Laprade Rd
    • Wildcat Rd
    • Seed Lake Rd
    • Doc Coleman Rd
    • Hopkins Lane
    • Dick’s creek Rd
    • Graves Rd
    • Blalock Rd
    • Acorn Creek Rd
    • Buck Rd
    • Popcorn Rd
    • Vicker’s Rd
    • Wolf Fork Rd
    • Plum Orchard Rd
    • Tallulah River Rd
    • Persimmon Rd
    • Persimmon Creek Rd
    • Coleman River Rd
    • Patterson Gap Rd
    • Possum Trot
    • Hell Cat Creek Rd
    • Germany Rd
    • Lookout Mtn. Scenic Hwy
    • Old 441
    • S. Hwy 441
    • Seed Tick Rd
    • Wolf Creek Rd