Energy Efficiency Loan Programs

As part of Habersham EMC’s commitment to helping our members reduce their energy usage, we proudly offer affordable financing through our Energy Efficiency Loan Program. HEMC, not the member, makes the initial investment to improve the energy efficiency of the home and allows the member to repay the loan as part of their power bill over time. Learn more about the Energy Efficiency Loan Program below.

Habersham EMC Energy Efficiency Loan Program:

  1. Request a HEMC representative visit your home for a FREE energy assessment.
  2. The HEMC representative will provide recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You choose which improvements you’d like to make.
  3. Simply sign an agreement to repay the loan as part of future power bills for a maximum of 10 years. (Credit check required.)
  4. HEMC provides a list of contractors who participate in the program. You secure a minimum of two bids for the improvements from those contractors, then submit them to HEMC.
  5. After the bids are reviewed, HEMC notifies you of the approved amount then the improvements are made.

Available Upgrades

  • New energy-efficient heat pump (15 SEER minimum)
  • Ductwork, vents, etc.
  • Insulation (under floors and in ceilings)
  • Heat pump water heater

Go Energy Financial Credit Union Finance Program:

Applying for a Credit Union Loan


  • Must be a Habersham EMC member in good standing with a minimum of 12 months of service
  • Loan can only be used for approved energy efficiency upgrades listed below
  • Improvements must be made at a home served by Habersham EMC
  • Member must complete the Go Energy Financial Loan application


  • Contact Habersham EMC to speak to an energy service representative
  • Determine the energy efficiency home improvements you want to make through an assessment of your home by Habersham EMC
  • Get an estimate for your energy efficiency improvements from a licensed contractor
  • Complete the Go Energy Financial Loan application. Wait to start your improvements until you have received confirmation from Habersham EMC for your loan approval
  • Your home improvements will be verified for completion and the loan documents will be signed
  • A check will be made payable to your contractor and mailed from Go Energy Financial
  • Go Energy Financial requires a fee at closing

Apply for a Loan from Go Energy Financial Credit Union

Available Upgrades:

  • New energy efficiency heat pump (15 SEER minimum)
  • Generators
  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Insulation
  • Solar panels
  • EV charging stations