Energy Efficiency Loan Program

HEMC’s Energy Efficiency Loan Program is unique in that HEMC, not the member, makes the initial investment to upgrade the energy efficiency of the member’s home. The member experiences a savings immediately, even with the added charge on their power bill. The program is designed so that the member’s total monthly energy costs should drop.

How The Program Works

  1. The member calls for a free consultation with a HEMC representative.
  2. The member signs an agreement to allow the costs to be recovered through future power bills. Credit checks required. The repayment period lasts five years.
  3. HEMC will conduct an energy assessment of your home. This will identify the problem spots and let you know if you need numerous upgrades or just a few.
  4. Choose your contractor. Along with your written assessment report, HEMC will provide a list of participating contractors to make the improvements. A minimum of two bids are required.
  5. Start saving the day your home is upgraded. The program is designed to result in immediate savings, assuming customer usage patterns do not change. A portion of the additional savings go to repay HEMC for the initial investment. After payback, 100 percent of the savings go to the member.

Available Upgrades

  • New energy-efficient heat pump
  • Ductwork, vents, etc.
  • Insulation (under floors and in ceilings)
  • Heat pump water heater

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