Westmoreland Substation

Apply for Services

Need to establish service? Here are a few things to consider first.

Traditional Account versus Prepaid Metering

What is best for you?

Traditional Accounts

  • Credit checks are required for all new members setting up traditional accounts.
  • Subject to security deposits and late fees.
  • Monthly due dates are assigned.
  • You receive a monthly statement based on the previous month’s usage.

Prepaid Metering

  • Offers the flexibility and convenience of paying how much you want, when you want
  • Add as much money as you want on your prepaid account and pay as you use.
  • No security deposit or credit check required and no late fees because there’s no due date!
  • Receive daily notifications regarding your account balance and buy more power at any time by using our convenient payment options.

CT meters, 400-amp service, demand or net metering accounts are not eligible for prepaid metering.

Items Needed When Applying for Service

  • Meter number for the new location
  • $5 membership fee at the time of application
  • Signed Membership Application and Prepaid Service Agreement, if applicable
  • Security deposit, if required
  • Connection fee

Apply online or contact a Habersham EMC Member Services Representative in order to establish electrical service. TO REPORT AN OUTAGE, PLEASE CALL (706) 754 – 2114.

Once you have applied for service, you will see a reference to our Bylaws, Service Rules and Regulations on the Membership Application.

You may access these documents by viewing our Member Guide. The Member Guide also includes information about rates, products, services and other questions you may have.

Habersham Electric Membership Corporation is an equal opportunity provider. View our Nondiscrimination Statement.