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E-bill (Paperless Billing)

HEMC consumers may choose to receive their monthly statements via email, eliminating the need for mailing a paper bill.

Paperless billing makes it convenient to pay your monthly bill. By signing up for paperless billing, you’ll receive your monthly bill in your email inbox – instead of your mailbox.

Benefits of paperless billing:

  • 24/7 online access to your account and statements
  • Email reminders when your bill is ready
  • No more papers containing your personal information sitting in your mailbox, and no more sifting through paper clutter and shredding bills

How to Sign Up:

  • Mobile: Log in to your SmartHub mobile app, click MORE > Settings > Paperless Billing
  • Online: Log into SmartHub > My Profile > My Information > Update my Paperless Setting

Access SmartHub:

Contact us for further information.