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Capital Credits

Because HEMC is a cooperative and has a non-profit status, any funds taken in above the cost of providing electric service are returned to the members in the form of capital credits.

The amount will vary from member to member, depending upon the amount of electricity purchased. Funds are returned to the members at a later date in the form of a capital credit retirement check.

Capital credits are only returned to members. If you have an electrical service account in your name, you are a member of HEMC. Trailwave subscribers do not receive capital credits unless they have electrical service through HEMC.

In compliance with O.C.G.A. 44-12-236 of the Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act, Habersham EMC attempts to locate former members whose capital credit checks were returned by the U.S. Post Office as “undeliverable” or have otherwise been unclaimed. After five years, the unclaimed capital credits are dispursed of according to Georgia House Bill 431.

Search for your name on the list of unclaimed capital credits.

Explains what capital credits are, how calculated, frequency distributed, etc.


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