Budget Billing

This program helps members budget electric costs and is available after one year of service with a good payment record.

How Budget Billing works:

Members can choose to pay the same amount each month by participating in Budget Billing. With budget billing, your monthly electric bill balance is set based on your most recent 12-month average. On your sign-up anniversary, your energy use for the past 12 months will be reviewed to determine your new budget bill amount for the next year. Any deficit or credit will be reflected in your new budget amount. Although you pay a set amount each month on the budget plan, you are still responsible for the energy use should you be removed from the plan or close out your account. Certain restrictions apply.

Please note that in order to qualify for budget billing your account must have a zero balance. Accounts with Net Metering or Cooperative Solar are not eligible for budget billing.

Interested members may request more information using the Enrollment Request Form.