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HEMC Linemen Win Big at Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo

Posted: May 13, 2024
Rodeo teams are, from left, Tucker Dyer, Dillon Welborn, Tanner Wade, and Robert Morris. Back are, from left, Josh Allen, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Isaac Wall, and Chris Chapman.

Habersham EMC (HEMC) linemen traveled to the Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo competition in May held at the Camp John Hope FCA-FCCLA Center in Fort Valley.

Now in its 30th year, the Lineman’s Rodeo is conducted by the Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo Association, which is composed of members of the Georgia Electric Membership Corp. and the Electric Cities of Georgia. It holds an annual contest to challenge lineworkers to focus on safety, training, and safe work practices. The rodeo gives lineworkers an opportunity to showcase their unique skills and talent.

This year EMC apprentices competed in four events: hurtman rescue, arrestor changeout and two mystery events. HEMC apprentice Tanner Wade competed in the events, coached by Isaac Wall.

EMC journeymen teams were tested in four events: hurtman rescue, insulator changeout and two mystery events.

The journeyman team from HEMC, led by Coach Chris Chapman, included Dillon Welborn, Tucker Dyer and Robert Morris.

“During the competition, they must complete the scenarios with speed, accuracy, and safety,” says Cody Thomas, HEMC Director of Operations. “This is the same focus on training, practice, and safety measures that our employees commit to every day.”

The journeyman lineman team won first place in the journeyman team hurtman rescue event and placed third in the journeyman team known event.

“The competitors spent time practicing, but it is their everyday jobs that prepare them for the competition,” says Thomas. “We showcase the skills that HEMC employees use every day, and we bring back different techniques that we observe from our fellow competitors. This ensures that we continue to improve and provide our members with world-class service every day.”

HEMC Journeyman team prepares to compete at the Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo.