Trailwave Fiber, Inc., NGN Fiber and Habersham County Development Authority Partner to Pursue Broadband Grant

Posted: August 24, 2021

The Habersham County Development Authority has partnered with Trailwave Fiber, Inc., and NGN Fiber on a National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) grant application. The NTIA grant would expand broadband in Habersham, Rabun and Banks counties (Banks County will be served by NGN Fiber).  If approved, this grant will provide fiber optic services to over 5,000 farms, homes, and businesses within the three counties.

The total estimated cost of this expansion is $29.3 million The partnership is seeking $26.3 million in grant funding. Trailwave Fiber, Inc. will contribute $2.26 million toward the project and NGN Fiber will provide $740 thousand toward the project.

“We are excited about the benefits this expansion can bring to Habersham, Rabun and Banks counties. Over the last year, access to high-speed broadband has become a priority for our communities. This expansion will improve the overall quality of life, as it directly affects residents, education, healthcare and businesses,” explains Bryan Ferguson, CEO of Habersham EMC, Mike Beecham, Habersham County Director of Planning and Development and Paul Belk, CEO of NGN Fiber.

Award announcements are expected by the end of this year.