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HEMC to Remove Devices from Meters in 2019, Halt Billing for Them in May

Posted: May 1, 2019

Tesco surge protection deviceHabersham EMC (HEMC) line crews are scheduled to remove older surge-protection devices installed since 1996 on member electric meters. An estimated 1,500 meters across the six-county service area are affected.

“Removal of these old devices is simply removing them at the end of their life cycle,” says Chris Rimel, HEMC Director of Member and Public Relations. “We are constantly evaluating what is best for our members, and we will stop billing on May 1, regardless of when we remove the devices.”

The devices will be removed by HEMC crews starting June 15, 2019, but charges will cease May 1 for all of the estimated 1,500 meters.

The Tesco-brand devices come in two sizes—a 200-amp and a 400-amp—which cost members $5.60 a month and $8.35 a month, respectively. Those costs will be removed from electric bills on May 1. The home warranty with the devices will remain valid until removal.

The removal of the old devices aligns with HEMC’s continued system improvements, including a total system inventory and easement clearance initiative to reduce outages and improve reliability and more transparency to members.

HEMC plans to have all the devices removed from meters by the end of the year. The cooperative will send letters to members with the Tesco devices notifying them of the planned removal.