HEMC Right-of-Way Maintenance

Posted: March 1, 2019

Trees within HEMC’s easement (15 feet on each side of a power line) will be cut as close to the ground as possible regardless of size, height or species. Underbrush and other vegetation will also be cleared.

HEMC also has an easement for the area surrounding pad-mounted transformers. Vegetation, fences or other structures infringing upon the following will be cleared away.

  • 8 feet of clearance from front of transformer
  • 3 feet of clearance on all other sides
utility works uses hot stock to work with pad mounted transformer
Linemen must have enough clearance to work safely in pad-mounted transformers of all sizes. This is why HEMC requires 8 feet from the front and 3 feet from all other sides to be clear of any trees, shrubs, plants, fences or other items that could endanger their safety