Right of Way Reclamation Effort Shows Benefit to Membership in Wake of Winter Storm Diego

Posted: December 15, 2018

Habersham EMC initiated a ground-to-sky right of way reclamation project in 2018. Approximately 300 miles of right of way, 20% of HEMC’s system, was completed during the first year of this five-year project.

Winter Storm Diego blasted northeast Georgia in December 2018. During the storm 10,391 HEMC members experienced outages.  Of those members impacted, 98% (10,143 members) were located on circuits where ground-to-sky has not been implemented yet.

“We were very encouraged by the results of the ground-to-sky initiative,” shared Brad Hicks, HEMC President/CEO.  “The outcome is evidence that ground-to-sky provides the safest results for the public and working conditions for our linemen while reducing outage impacts. It will take five years to completely implement ground-to-sky as the system-wide standard, but it will greatly benefit safety and reliability for members and employees.”

HEMC will continue to reclaim right of way in 2019. View more information about the initiative and the a list of project areas here.