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Habersham EMC Returns Capital Credits

Posted: December 1, 2018

For the 32nd consecutive year, Habersham EMC (HEMC) members received capital credit checks in late November. Since 1987, HEMC has returned more than $15 million to members. This year’s $1.5 million retirement includes the return of capital contributed by members in 1987 and 1988.

Member capital is utilized for a period of time to finance electric system improvements and maintain the financial strength required by HEMC’s lenders. Then it is returned, demonstrating one of the principles of our cooperative, nonprofit organization.

HEMC issues checks to members for $10 or more. If the credit is less than $10, the funds are retained until the total owed to the member is $10 or more.

For more information regarding capital credits, visit the Capital Credit Checks page of this website or an HEMC office (Clarkesville and Cleveland); or call (706) 754 – 2114, (706) 865 – 4362 or (800) 640 – 6812.