HEMC Partners with NGN Connect for Wireless Service

Posted: March 1, 2018

NGN Connect logoEarlier this year, HEMC partnered with NGN Connect to acquire the HEMC Wireless customer base and assets. Approximately 100 customers, all in Habersham County, were notified in February about the transition.

As a cooperative, HEMC strives to serve the needs of its members by keeping electrical rates as low as possible and operating in the best interests of all members. After a strategic review, it was determined that HEMC Wireless would be best supported by NGN Connect.

“Wireless customers will benefit from this transition because of the specialized services and improved connectivity offered by NGN Connect,” says Michael Foor, President of NGN Connect. “NGN Connect has many years of experience operating wireless broadband systems and is excited to be serving the wireless customers in HEMC’s area again.”

This sale had no impact on HEMC’s Trailwave Fiber Optic Services.

About NGN Connect

NGN Connect™ is a fiber-optic Internet service provider offering high-speed Internet connectivity and custom network solutions since 2012. The community non-profit delivers services through NGN’s state-of-the-art, low-latency digital optical network and provides locally based customer service and support. The company is headquartered in Clarkesville, GA.