No Outages Reported Due to Winter Storm Inga

Posted: January 17, 2018

HEMC members have not experienced outages due to Winter Storm Inga as of 4 p.m. today.The winter weather advisory is still in effect through 11 a.m. on Thursday. With temperatures expected to be in the teens tonight, HEMC anticipates system-wide peaks of electrical demand and consumption. Energy conservation is encouraged during these times. Please consider:

  • Setting your thermostat to the suggested energy conservation level of 68 degrees
  • Delaying the use of your dishwasher, washing machine or dryer
  • Using a microwave or convection oven instead of the oven or range
  • Turning off the lights, television, computer and other appliances when not in use

If you do experience an outage, please access our automated outage reporting system by calling  (706) 754-2114, (706) 865-4362 or (800) 640-6812.