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HEMC Trailwave Fiber Expansion Project


The sign-up period for this project has ended. All members who signed up for this service prior to the deadline have been activated.


If you are located within the shaded areas below and missed the sign-up deadline, please contact the office to record your interest.


Trailwave Expansion Project Phase 1


Habersham EMC is conducting an expansion project to bring fiber optic service to the communities it serves. The project is exploring the feasibility of providing fiber optic service to more members without financial assistance from state and federal grants. 


The Board of Directors recognizes that HEMC has an opportunity to support our members and communities with advanced broadband and the many advantages it enables.If the project has adequate support from our members, then it will be expanded to other areas. However, due to the construction costs, that will have to be done in phases.


  1. The first area of the expansion project (1502) is in the north Duncan Bridge Road area of White County.
  2. Area two (1501) is Hwy. 115 from Pless Road to the Cleveland City Limits; Blue Creek Road and Black Road.
  3. The third area (1503 & 1504) includes Highway 115 from Pless Road to Ramey's Towing & Salvage; Holiness Campground Road and Gerrells Road; Lothridge Road to State Route 254.
  4. 901 includes Duncan Bridge Road from Maxwell Drive to Pea Ridge Road, Pea Ridge Road from Duncan Bridge Road to Paradise Park Road, Webster Lake Road to New Bridge Road, New Bridge Road to Ricky West Road.
  5. Highway 254 from Duncan Bridge Road to Webster Lake Road, Sam Craven Road, Holiness Campground Road from Mary Davidson Drive to Hwy. 254, Will Hambrick Road, Barrett London Road, Barrett Mill Road from Hwy. 254 to Flat Creek is included in 902.
  6. 904 includes Duncan Bridge Road from Stovall Road to Hwy. 254, Hwy. 115 from Leaf Grocery to Kinsey Town Road, Kinsey Town Road, Dean Mountain Road and Gerrells Road.
  7. Highway 115 from Kinsey Town Road to Haywood Hills, Pardue Mill to Soque Ridge Circle, Fred Pitts Road to Sutton Road, Wheeler Road, Garrett Road, Fairview School Road, Hwy. 105 from Hwy. 17 to Falling Waters Drive, Twin Orchard Road, Mineral Springs Trail, Chattahoochee Winds, Savannah Ridge, Hilton English Road, Riverbend Road, Alfred Taylor Road, Jim Thomas Road and Sutton Road are included in 905.


HEMC members within each phase will be contacted with pricing details as the installation fee and plans will vary from HEMC's existing Trailwave service. 


HEMC members not included within the project area may call the office or complete this form for an installation estimate.

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