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HEMC Ground-to-Sky Easement Clearing Initiative

As a cooperative, Habersham EMC strives to serve members' needs by keeping electrical rates as low as possible and operating in the best interest of all members.


To further ensure reliable service to our members, beginning in 2018, HEMC will cut approximately 300 miles of easement clearing along primary overhead lines annually as part of a five-year easement clearing initiative. This is one measure that will be taken by HEMC to promote improved reliability to our membership.


  • By implementing a ground-to-sky initiative, limbs overhanging the primary lines will be removed to increase reliability. This means that HEMC's 30 foot easement for primary lines will be clear from the ground to the sky. 
  • Service lines that run to individual homes or businesses will be trimmed back to remove limbs near the service lines.


These proactive steps will put HEMC on a five year easement maintenance cycle and reduce controllable expenses over time. 



View map of areas to be affected by the Easement Clearing Initiative or list by substation and in chronological order below:



Stringer - Underway

Stringer Road
Brown Road
King Street
Hulsey Road
Clermont Hwy. (Hwy. 283)
Ransom Free Road
Lee Lane
Mountain Meadow Drive
Campground Road
Joe Turner Road
Hwy. 254
Skitts Mountain Road
Arrowwood Road
Westmoreland Road
Tom Teague Road
Hwy. 129
Shadow Mountain Road
Shoal Creek Road (Hwy. 284)
Wauka Mountain Trace
Keith Road
Coyote Creek Road
Copperhead Road
Arthur Seabolt Road
Sapphire Drive
Redd Road
Rodney Nix Road
Doug Nix Road
Gilstrap Road
Hwy. 115 West
Kanady Road


Sandy Flats

Aurum Hill Road
Abb Helton Road
Kelly Road
Crabapple Lane
Hooper Road
Eli Knob Road
Grindle Bridge Road
Roy Grindle Road
River Mist Road
Frogtown Road
Town Creek Church Road
Soapstone Road
Damascus Church Road
Lewis School Road
Fireside Ridge Drive
Trail's End Road
John Crow Road
Paradise Valley Road
Singing Tree Lane
Elm Road
Robinson Road
Adair Mill Road
Stancil Road
Deer Woods Trail
Spotted Fawn Lane
Moorewood Trail
Whiskey Still Road
Town Creek Road
Gold Nuggett Lane
Charlie Thomas Road
Patsy Drive
Allison's Honey Lane
Gene Nix Road
Santa Pera Drive
Hunt Cliff Ridge
Asbury Mill Road
Laura Davis Drive
Oak Knoll Drive
Thomas Road
Alex Stringer Road
Peaceful Valley Drive
Phillips Drive
Valhalla Drive
Waterfall Drive
Glen Ridge Drive
Claystone Walk
Old Deer Path Way
Discover Way
Simmaron Road
Spencer Road
Arnold Drive
Crestview Drive
Brown Road
Pebble Lane
Ed Lewis Road
Starfire Lane
Elza Drive
Sunkist Drive
Ellis Mountain Road

Westmoreland - Underway

Hwy. 129
Westmoreland Road
Collins Road
Cherrywood Trail
Autumn Wood Way
Bobby's Drive
Partin Road
Briarwood Drive
Tommy Cowart Road
Davis Drive
Truelove Road
Putnam Road
Garrison Drive
Dogwood Lane
Lanier Chambers Road
Post Road
Stover Road
Dorsey Brothers Road
Eagle Rock Road
Songbird Drive
Calvary Church Road
Mount Scenic Drive
Wooten Road
Tri Star Road
Smokey Mountain Road
Noel Ayers Road
Trumpet Vine Drive
Danford Drive
Happy Hollow
Rocket Drive
Shagbark Drive
Sapphire Drive
Shoal Creek Road
Canubac Road
Kanady Road



Hwy. 115
Staton Road
Asbury Mill Road
Wildwood Acres
Turner Ridge
Holman Drive
Tom Hunt Road
Coleman Drive
Fortner Lane
Albert Reid Road
Allison Drive
Hwy. 129 North
High Meadows
Tolhurst Road
Paradise Valley Road
Adair Mill Road
Logan's Ridge
Mt. Pleasant Church Road
Indian Springs Road
Mill Creek Trail
Mill Trace Road
Eden Circle
Ascension Trail
Seagraves Road
Stanley Nix Road
Henderson Road
Herman Winkler Road
Camp Coleman
Johns Drive
Robert Jarrard Road
Harkins Road
Valley View Drive
Ridge Walker Drive
Kellum Valley Road
Tollgate Road
Foothills Drive
Sutton Road
Wild Horse Cove Circle
Wild Horse Cove
Bear Ridge Road


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