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Habersham EMC Urges Electrical Safety for Pokemon Go Players

Pokemon Go is getting people out and about hunting for creatures with unique superpowers. There are some sites and social media posts claiming that rare Pokemon who have electrical powers can be found near electrical equipment and substations. Do not chase Pokemon in our substations!


HEMC would also like to remind everyone that entering electrical substation is both a crime and incredibly dangerous. Never attempt to gain access to one. Trespassers may be severely injured, even killed,  or will face prosecution at the least.


Additional Pokemon hunting electrical safety tips (applies to everyone):


  1. Stay away from power lines, transformers and electrical work sites (including HEMC vehicles and property).
  2. Never jump on, sit on, kick or stick anything inside a transformer, including padmount transformers.
  3. Do not climb power poles or throw things into power lines.
  4. Stay away from power lines that have fallen because they can still be energized.
  5. Power lines near trees also pose a danger; use caution and check for power lines before climbing a tree.


It’s a fun game, but not worth your life.


Happy Pokemon Hunting!


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