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  • What do I need to establish a new account?


    If you are new to Habersham EMC and have had an account in your name with another electricity provider for at least one year within the last two years, you may request a letter of credit from them.


    • HEMC will review the letter to confirm that in the last 12 months you 've not had any late payments, been disconnected for non-payment, or returned checks.
    • If you meet this criteria, you will only need to pay the $40 membership fee. You will also need to provide a photo i.d. and Social Security number.


    However, if you do not meet the criteria or have not had an account in your name previously, then a credit check will be conducted through Equifax to determine a security deposit amount. Security deposits range from $0 to $600 and must be paid in addition to the membership fee before the account can be set up.


    The meter number, an eight or nine digit number inside the glass of the meter, is also required to establish any account.


    meters we use


    HEMC requires one business day's notice to set up the new account. It is possible to have same day service for an additional fee.


    New accounts may be set up over the phone (when paying applicable fees with a debit or credit card) or in the HEMC offices in Clarkeville or Cleveland.


    Letters of credit should be faxed to HEMC at 1-800-640-6813.


    If you are an existing HEMC member, you will need the meter number in order to establish another account. Any outstanding bills must be paid before the new account can be set up. A Customer Resource Manager will review your existing accounts to assess if an additional security deposit and meter fee are required.


    If you are constructing a new building, you will need to apply for temporary service through Member Services. Please bring with you to the office in Clarkesville or Cleveland:


    • your photo i.d.,
    • the deed to the property,
    • the plat,
    • and a letter of credit (if applicable).
    • You will also need to know the approximate size of the building and what electrical appliances, etc. will be in it.


    This information will assist the engineer in calculating the size of the service needed. Once the paperwork is completed, including an easement, it will be forwarded to the Engineering Department and an engineer will come to the site to stake for the temporary service. Then a construction crew will build the line to the temporary pole. General turn around is about two weeks, but may be greater depending upon weather conditions.



  • How are deposits determined?


    Habersham EMC bases security deposits on credit ratings by Online Utility. When your credit information is pulled on-line, HEMC employees do not see your credit rating, just a deposit amount you should be charged.


    • If you maintain a good payment history (meaning no late payments), your security deposit will automatically be refunded after two years.
    • Any payment received after 5 p.m. on the due date is considered a late payment. 
    • If you move off HEMC lines before two years, the security deposit and membership fee will be applied to your final bill and if there is any money left after the bill is paid, you will receive a refund check.
    • If you still owe after the deposit and membership fee have been applied, a bill will be sent to you.



  • How do I get to a HEMC office?

  • What are the HEMC office hours?


    The HEMC offices in Clarkesville and Cleveland are open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



  • Explanation of Bill


    Click here for more information.



  • What are my payment options?


    HEMC offers several different ways to make payments.


    • Consumers may pay by cash, money order or check at the Clarkesville or Cleveland office or by mailing it in with payment stub.
    • Members may also pay online or by phone with a check, debit or credit card (HEMC accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover).
    • Customers may also pay at other locations in our service area.



    HEMC customers may also set their accounts up on draft.


    • The bill is drafted the day it is due from either a bank account or a credit card.
    • Customers still receive a bill, either by mail or e-mail, notifying them of the amount and the due date.


    To enroll in the Bank or Credit Card draft program, please print out, complete and return this form to HEMC as a signed document.



  • Where can I pay my bill?


    Habersham EMC offers many different payment options.


    • Bank or credit card draft,
    • pay over the phone or Internet with a debit or credit card
    • or submit a check by mail.
    • Customers also have the option of paying at one of our offices or at one of our kiosks in Northeast Georgia, just click here for locations.



  • How do I pay my bill online?


    You may pay our bill online by clicking here  to take you to information on the electronic bill pay option. You may use a debit or credit card.



  • When will my power be cut off for non-payment?


    Accounts are subject to disconnection at any time after the due date.


    Customer Service Representatives do not have the reading schedule for meters.


    The only way to guarantee there is no interruption in your service due to non-payment is to remit the bill in full by the due date.



  • How do I make an extension on my bill?


    If you are unable to pay your bill in full, please contact a Customer Service Representative at HEMC.


    Please keep in mind that you must call before the due date in order to make an extension.


    Once a bill is past due and subject to disconnect, an extension is no longer an option.


    Also, once an extension is made the terms must be kept or the service will be disconnected immediately and the bill must be paid in full with any and all applicable fees before the power will be restored.


    If you would like to propose a payment extension, please click on the link below. After reviewing your account and your proposal, a Customer Service Representative will notify you and let you know if an extension will be allowed. Payment Extension Proposal form.



  • My power is out, what should I do?


    Click here for power outage information.



  • How is the power restored?


    At one time or another, every electric consumer has had the electricty go out during bad weather. Habersham EMC strives to keep the power on for every member of the cooperative. However, despite all efforts, no utility can guarantee uninterrupted service.


    Limbs and trees falling on the power lines are most often the cause of outages in ice, snow or wind storms. In some cases, some part of HEMC's service area suffers more damage than other areas. HEMC's lines traverse many miles of rural areas and are exposed to more of nature's forces than comparable lines in a town or city. Crews are dispatched to each area depending on the amount of outages.


    The steps to restoring power.



  • What is the blinking light in my meter?


    Don't panic if you see a light blinking in your meter. It is not arcing nor is it on fire. The light just shows that the meter is communicating with the Habersham EMC headquarters and is a normal function.


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